Message from our Principal

My Oath

I am committed to making a difference in the lives of my students. I will do whatever I can to make E.C. Best Elementary School a safe place for students to learn and for staff to work. I will try to demonstrate through my words and actions that everyone in our school has value and they plan an important part in the educational process. I understand there is more to people than "meets the eye." Everyone has challenges that they are dealing with outside of school. Being mindful of this reality, I will strive to be patient and kind with everyone I encounter at E.C. Best. I will always try to make decisions that are driven by the needs of our kids and I will lead a staff that is committed to increasing student achievement. I believe that collaboration among educators is essential for providing the most effective instruction for our students and I will try to reinforce a school culture which fosters this collaboration. I will try to lead and live by our school motto, "Do What's Right!" through my actions, decisions, and words. I will always try to lead by example to uphold high standards of professionalism.

Keith Boone, E.C. Best Principal